Comicster is now available, with limited support for groups/teams. Comicster will automatically update when you next launch it.

The idea is that you can define your own groups and add characters to them, and then eventually it’ll be easy to add appearances to an issue by choosing a group and then selecting which members of that group appeared.

Right now we don’t yet have the “add appearances from group” functionality, but you can define and manage groups. Here’s a screenshot – click for a full-size view:


Pro-tip: Double-clicking on a character in this view (in the middle column) will jump you straight to that character’s entry in the “characters” view, so you can view the issues they appeared in etc.

The Comicster.IO.Cmx plug-in, which allows you to open your Comicster 1.x collection, has been updated and will now pull your existing groups in. Grab the latest version of the plug-in and install it by following the instructions in the previous post.

Onwards and upwards!