Ok, there’s a bit of demand out there for this plug-in, so I’ve made it available via BitBucket until such time as I can get an “official” plug-in page up on the Comicster web site.

The Comicster.IO.Cmx plug-in allows Comicster 4 to open Comicster 1.x (I guess technically it’s 2.x, but whatever) files. It doesn’t support saving, so you’ll need to save your files in Comicster 4’s new .cmxx file format.

Installation Instructions

“Installing” a Comicster plug-in is dead simple:

  1. Open your “My Documents” folder
  2. Create a new folder and call it “Comicster”
  3. Extract the DLLs from the plug-in zip file into your new “Comicster” folder
  4. Restart Comicster

That’s it! Comicster will look for plug-ins in a folder called “Comicster” under your “My Documents” folder. The Comicster.IO.Cmx plug-in contains two files – one is the plug-in itself, and the other is a “helper” file that tells the plug-in how to load .cmx files.

You’ll know if the plug-in is correctly installed because when you click “Open an existing collection” you’ll see “Comicster 1.x Files” in the “File Types” combo box. Here’s a screenshot:


In a future version I think I’ll probably make Comicster look in a special “Comicster\Extensions” subfolder rather than just “Comicster” (since you’ll probably want to keep your collection files in there and we don’t want that folder getting too full), so keep an eye out for that change. I’ll make sure I announce it here.