Over the past couple of months I’ve been spending my spare time working on a Windows 8/RT version of Halfwit, my simple Twitter client. Today I’m pleased to announce that it has passed certification and is available in the Windows App Store.

I’ve registered mabster.net as a website to host “landing pages” for any apps I create (at least the ones that don’t deserve their own domain), and on it you can find the Halfwit RT home page. There are some screenshots there as well as a link to the UserVoice-based support site.

Halfwit Screenshot


I’ve made the “free trial” version of Halfwit RT functionally identical to the “paid” version. Nothing is limited in any way. That seemed fair because this is a much simpler app than the free “official” Twitter app. However, if you would like to donate to the further development of Halfwit, you can choose to buy the app for two bucks. I think that’s pretty reasonable.

Known Bugs

Right now there is one bug I know about, and it’s to do with retweets.

If you attempt to retweet someone who has included a special character (like “&”) in their tweet, Halfwit will quote them using the HTML-encoded version of that character (so you’d see “&” instead). If it’s a particularly long tweet, that could push the text out longer than 140 characters and prevent you from posting the retweet. I’ve already fixed that in my working version so you’ll see it fixed in a future update.

Missing Features

I’ve listed a few things that I didn’t get to in this first release on UserVoice. If any of those are super-important to you, please vote for them!

I would also like to get auto-complete working for usernames like the desktop version of Halfwit, so with any luck that’ll be in a future version too.