The latest version of Comicster has escaped, and it’s a doozy.

The biggest new feature in this version is the Extensions system, which lets you browse and install extensions from inside the application:


Extensions like skins and plug-ins used to live in a folder called “Comicster” under “My Documents”, but they now get installed under an “Extensions” folder inside there instead. That means you can safely remove any DLL files you find in the “Comicster” file once you’ve upgraded.

The one caveat with the new extension system is that extensions are not deleted from your local folder when you uninstall them from Comicster (since Comicster is still using them while the program is running). If you’re concerned about disk space, open up your “My Documents” folder and browse into “Comicster\Extensions” where you can see which extensions have been downloaded and delete the ones you don’t want hanging around.

Also in this release is (at last!) the ability to manually reorder issues inside a title. This is handy if you have an issue whose “number” isn’t a number at all. For example, the Earth X series had an issue whose “number” was simply “X”. It’s the last issue in the series and should appear that way when you’re viewing the title.

To reorder issues in a title, make sure you’re viewing the title itself (rather than the folder it lives in) and then simply drag the issues around in the list. You’ll see a subtle insertion point above the issue you’re over, showing you where the issue you’re dragging will end up when you drop it.


I’m also working with Jim Welch (avid Comicster user) to build up a decent knowledgebase of articles for Comicster. Look for them to be added to the “help” site as time goes by.

Still lots to do! If you haven’t already, leave a comment in the forums!