This weekend I’ve added support for storylines (or crossovers, as we used to call them in the previous version) to Comicster 4. Here’s a screenshot:

Storylines in Comicster 4

The idea is simple: Any issue can be part of a broader storyline that spans multiple titles. So when you bring up the properties of an issue, you can specify which storyline it belongs to:

Issue Properties

You can easily add a new storyline by simply typing its name into that field – it’ll get created and show up in the list alongside all the others in your collection.

Just like in the previous version I’m deliberately limiting it to one storyline per issue. I don’t think that’ll be too severe a limitation – certainly it has never bothered me.

For those of you with lots of crossover events in your old .CMX file, you’ll find an updated CMX file plug-in on for download on the Bitbucket site.