Last night I decided to try something in Comicster that ended up working really well, and will make it to the next release.

You remember that we have a couple of extra ways to add credits and appearances to an issue: you can insert characters from a group, and copy credits and appearances from another issue in the same title. Both of these features opened a modal dialog box in which you checked the stuff you wanted to add, then clicked OK. Here are some screenshots:


Taking a cue from the way online catalog searches work, I’ve removed these modal dialogs and am now using a panel that appears just above your issue details:


This new approach lets you add from multiple groups, or copy from multiple issues, without having to go in and out of a dialog box. It’s a lot slicker and feels much more “tightly integrated” with the rest of the interface.

Look for this in the next release of Comicster. The next major feature will be the addition of “storylines” which can be defined centrally and shared across issues (great for major events or crossovers). Don’t know how long that one will take (especially since I’ll be overseas for three weeks) but I’m looking forward to having a crack at it!