I’m already up to release 3 of Halfwit RT. Since the original release I’ve eliminated a few bugs (and no doubt introduced some too, but I haven’t seen them yet) and added a few features like username auto-complete.

In the next release we have a couple of major features.

First, support for Twitter lists. While we don’t yet have full list management capabilities (in that you can’t create/delete lists or add/remove members), you can select one of your lists and view its timeline. Here’s a screenshot:

Lists in Halfwit RT

Secondly, we now have working spoiler suppression. If you’re concerned about getting spoiled for the latest season of Game of Thrones, you can add “game of thrones” as a spoiler phrase, and Halfwit will obscure any tweet containing that text until you decide to reveal it. Screenshot:

Spoilers in Halfwit RT

I’ll be submitting this new version for certification this weekend, so you should see it by mid next week. Hope you’re enjoying Halfwit RT!