With the latest release of Halfwit (version I’ve changed the way the “Reply” and “Reply to All” actions work.

In previous versions, clicking the “Reply” button (or pressing Ctrl+R on your keyboard) would start a reply tweet and automatically insert the name of the user you’re replying to, like this:


If you wanted to reply to everybody, you’d have to hold Shift down while you clicked the “Reply” button, or press Ctrl+Shift+R on your keyboard. That would insert everybody’s name (except your own), like this:


Having two different behaviours depending on the shift key (no pun intended, Brendan) was a bit weird, so I’ve rolled the two up in what I hope is an intuitive combination.

Now when you press Ctrl+R or click the “Reply” button, I’ll insert everybody’s name, but automatically highlight the people you’re not replying directly to, like this:


That means you can just start typing if you only want to reply to the original tweeter, and the other usernames will get replaced. If you want to reply to all, you can press Home or End on your keyboard to deselect the text and then type your reply.

I think this is a nicer balance between “Reply” and “Reply to All”. It’ll take some getting used to though. Let me know what you think.