I’ve just published the first plug-in tool for Comicster 4. This will merge storylines and autographs from the CMX file you originally converted from the previous version of Comicster.

Note that it finds storylines and issues based on the internal IDs, so if you’ve removed an issue and added it back in since you opened the CMX file originally, this merge tool won’t find it.

Here’s a run through:

1. Run Comicster and make sure it updates to the very latest version.

2. Download the zip file from here and extract the two DLLs inside to your “Comicster” folder under “My Documents”. One of them (Comicster.Data.dll) is probably already in there, but it’s safe to overwrite.

3. Restart Comicster. You should see the new plug-in under the Tools menu. It won’t be enabled unless you have a collection file open:


4. Open your new CMXX file and click on the “Merge CMX File” menu item. It’ll ask you where your original collection file is. Select it, and let it do its thang. When it’s finished, you’ll see a message like this:


This is meant to be a temporary thing so I haven’t put any effort into a nice user interface for it. Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes. I’ll update the tool later when I introduce a “Printing” field for issues, and blog about it here.