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Trolling vs Abuse

While Michael Bay movies have great special effects, it's the scripts that really elevate them above other films. Have you rage-quit this post yet? Do you see what I did there? I made a statement that you probably consider to be controversial and inflammatory. One that was engineered to get a specific...

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Not Quite All In One

The Xbox One. Your all in one entertainment system. Unless you use Windows Media Center, in which case you’ll still need your Xbox 360 to use as an extender. Oh, and unless you want to watch 3D Blu-ray discs, because that won’t be supported when the console launches. So make sure you have a separate...

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NAD T 757 AV Receiver

This is my new baby! The NAD T 757 A/V Surround Sound Receiver : I was looking to update my old Sony STR-DA50ES receiver, as I wanted to tidy up the connections between my devices and the 50ES doesn’t have any HDMI ports. However, the 50ES worked really well with my 4-ohm speakers, so I needed...

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Halfwit RT Releases 4 and 5

Release 4 of Halfwit RT went live today. In my previous post I talked about spoiler suppression, but release 4 also has tweet filtering. Here’s a screenshot: Release 5 will also let you save your searches and delete existing saved searches. It’s relatively straight forward: When you perform a search...

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Halfwit RT Lists and Spoilers

I’m already up to release 3 of Halfwit RT . Since the original release I’ve eliminated a few bugs (and no doubt introduced some too, but I haven’t seen them yet) and added a few features like username auto-complete. In the next release we have a couple of major features. First, support for Twitter lists...

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Halfwit for Windows 8/RT

Over the past couple of months I’ve been spending my spare time working on a Windows 8/RT version of Halfwit, my simple Twitter client. Today I’m pleased to announce that it has passed certification and is available in the Windows App Store . I’ve registered as a website to host “landing...

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Don’t Move to Windows Phone 8

Now there’s a provocative post title for you! Especially coming from me, one of Windows Phone 7’s biggest fans. Why would I, of all people, recommend against Windows Phone 8? In almost every way it’s an upgrade from 7. By all accounts it’s faster, there are great new features...

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Nokia Lumia 920 plus Australia Tax

Later this month the Nokia Lumia 920 will be launched in Australia. I can’t wait – I definitely want one. In the US, you can buy a Lumia 920 outright from AT&T for $450 . In Australia, you have the privilege of being able to pay an 82% Australia Tax on top of that, as they’ll be...

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A Missed Opportunity

You’re welcome, Microsoft Surface marketing team.  ...

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Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop

Fantastic news! Microsoft have listened to us desktop developers and have announced a Visual Studio 2012 Express SKU for developing traditional Windows and console applications! This is great news for Windows open-source and hobbyist developers. A big thank you to Microsoft for announcing this. The boot...

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