Halfwit Plug-Ins

Plug-ins extend Halfwit's core functionality.


Installation is easy! Just open Halfwit's Options page and click the "Open Plug-Ins Folder" button. Then simply drag the plug-in files into the folder and restart Halfwit.

New Tweet Notifications

The first round of plug-ins are all about being notified when new tweets arrive.

Windows 7 Taskbar Icon Overlay
Halfwit Windows 7 Taskbar Icon Overlay

This plug-in adds a small overlay to the Halfwit icon in the Windows 7 Taskbar when new tweets arrive. The overlay stays there and counts the number of new tweets until you switch back to Halfwit, at which point it disappears.

Growl for Windows

If you run Growl for Windows, a free global notification system, you can use this plug-in to have Halfwit pass on its new-tweet notifications to Growl.

Write Your Own!

If you're a .NET developer and want to write your own Halfwit plug-in, it's easy! Start by reading this blog post. There'll be more formal documentation to come.